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Use the following links to download the latest versions of MagOasis' programs and documentations. User documentation (user manual or booklet) are installed with each package.

The ZIP files of the various installers contain the corresponding executables. They may be downloaded in lieu of the installers in systems that block the download of .EXE files

MDX7Setup.EXE -- Installer for Magsimus Deluxe 7.0

MDX7Setup.ZIP -- ZIP file containing installer MDX7Setup.EXE

SVB5Setup.EXE -- Installer for Spin-valve Bench 5.0

SVB5Setup.ZIP -- ZIP file containing installer SVB5Setup.EXE

URS2Setup.EXE -- Installer for Ultra-Recording Simulator 2.0

URS2Setup.ZIP -- ZIP file containing installer SVB5Setup.EXE

MagSetup.EXE -- Installer for Magsimus Deluxe 6.0, Spin-Valve Bench 4.0 (SVB) and Ultra-Recording Simulator 1.0 (URS)

MagSetup.ZIP -- ZIP file containing installer MagSetup.EXE

Magsimus Deluxe 6.0 user manual (PDF)

SVB user booklet (PDF)

URS user booklet (PDF)

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