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About us

Our Mission

  1. In all things, to work with our customers with respect, honesty and integrity.
  2. To meet or exceed all computational micromagnetic design needs of our customers, through quality product offerings and unrivaled customer support.
  3. To provide our customers with powerful, flexible, yet intuitive and affordable design software solutions. Our products will stand out by their unique turn-key attributes that fosters elastic-creativity and innovation-enabled modeling environments.

MagOasis Software

MagOasis products are used to accurately design and calculate virtually all conceivable micromagnetic systems. Our products use robust, time-tested computation engines to provide you with a rigorous and accurate three-dimensional modeling experience. We currently offer the following products:

We provide high-performance design/analysis software applications and services for the information-storage and allied industries. Our products have found application in the following areas and much more:

  • Advanced new-generation recording systems.
  • Magnetic memory cells in microelectronic devices (spintronic logic and memory cells and devices).
  • Head and media components for ultra-high density magnetic recording applications.
  • Advanced nano-magnetic devices and sensors.
  • Magnetic micro-electro-mechanical systemsí (MEMS) components.

Historical Note

MagOasis was founded in July of 2006 by Dr. John Oti, building on a previous career of over 15 years of broad government and industry experience in the application of numerical micromagnetic models to the design and characterization of materials and devices. Dr. Oti has been a leader in pioneering the industry of easy-to-use commercial micromagnetic software. Prior to starting MagOasis he was a co-founder and the President and Chief Technical Officer of Euxine Technologies LLC, Dayton, Ohio, USA.

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