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Starting with Version 7.0 of Magsimus Deluxe, we have begun pioneering work in the modeling of graphene components for micromagnetic calculations.

Graphene is universally acknowledged to be a very serious next-generation material of choice for a wide range of technologically interesting stuff, including everything electronic and spintronic. At MagOasis we strongly agree and believe that great innovations await the integration of graphene into all manners of micromagnetic devices and sensors.

The subject of a Physics Nobel Prize, graphene's monolayer honeycomb crystal lattice of carbon atoms endows it with excellent mechanical and electronic properties. Principal among these is the fact that charge (electron-hole) transport in graphene is completely analogous to the propagation of light in free space. Thus, electrons and holes inside a graphene specimen behave similarly to massless photons, and travel virtually unimpeded through the material with a band velocity of vF = 106 m/s (analogously to the constant phase velocity of light). These characteristics translate into vast improvements in speed, mobility and energy efficiency of graphene devices compared to traditional semiconductor devices. For those new to the topic, the following is a selection of web links that may serve as a useful introduction to this fascinating material:*

We have developed a phenomenological graphene model. The model implements a popular real-life graphene component structure, whereby an ideal graphene surface layer is supported by a voltage-controlled charge gate under layer. The model simulates dual-carrier transport, the behavior of a component in the role of an electrical tunnel junction, and computes conventional and quantum-mechanical Hall Effects. The combination of the model with the versatile software environment of Magsimus Deluxe is expected to greatly facilitate the design and characterization of new graphene devices in unprecedented ways.

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[Hall Effect] [Geometry] [Mathematical Model]

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