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Magsimus Deluxe

Now available: The new Magsimus Deluxe 7.0 with Graphene.

Magsimus is a Microsoft Windows (XP™, Vista™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™) application. It is the most comprehensive general-purpose micromagnetic design and analysis software in the business. Designed to be your R & D workhorse for new concepts and systems, it is ideal for varied application areas that include the modeling of ultra-high density recording systems, MRAMs, nano-magnetic sensors, magnetic MEMs etc. Magsimus Deluxe assures a virtually inexhaustible modeling capability for scientists and engineers. Powerful productivity tools at your disposal include an unprecedented integrated general linear electrical circuit network facility and the ability to independently move components in arbitrary trajectories during a calculation.

Gain even more value and flexibility by using Magsimus Deluxe with these free and powerful productivity tools: Cellider, MagJob and Mag-O-Mat.

Click the video below for a video tutorial of Magsimus Deluxe.
Click this link,  Magsimus-Deluxe Video Tutorials, to view all video tutorials.

Magsimus Deluxe Tutorial (for Version 6.0), Part 1
Quick Tour --
An introduction to Magsimus-Deluxe and a quick tour of its user interface

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