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MagOasis Privacy Statement

At MagOasis your privacy is very important to us.

We promise NOT to share with any third party your name or other contact information you provide us with (such as when you register with us or respond to a free product trial offer by filling out a form at our web site). We only use such information to respond to your message or request, contact you directly or transact further business with you, or as otherwise may be required by law.  You are under no obligation to provide us with information; where we receive such, it is assumed to be have been voluntarily given. It is your responsibility to safeguard your private information.

Our web site is subject to standard server automatic data collection for statistical system management purposes, as well as for security monitoring purposes to maintain system integrity.

MagOasis does not maintain privileged personal and financial records of its customers. When we conduct financial transactions on our web site we will always do so through the services of competent third-party financial institutions and/or service providers that we contract with.

Cookie Disclaimer: Cookies are special data tokens that pass information back and forth between a web site and a client computer. MagOasis web site does not use persistent cookies (tokens that remain active in your computer between browser sessions). Our web site may however use session cookies that remain active until you close your browser. Beyond this relationship, we do not log or otherwise accumulate further information obtained from these cookies. You can choose not to accept these cookies and still use our site, but this may somewhat curtail the ease with which you can navigate certain areas of our web site.

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