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Spin-valve Bench

Spin-valve Bench (SVB) is a Microsoft Windows (XP™, Vista™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™) micromagnetic software for the design and analysis of advanced multi-layer spintronic devices. These include modern MRAM cells for non-volatile microelectronic applications, nanowires and magnetoresistive read-head sensors for ultra-high density recording applications. It is the right solution for the scientist or engineer who wants an instant, easy-to-use, robust, rapid-design and well-documented modeling environment. You can thermally characterize your device components and model them in the current-in-plane (CIP) and current-perpendicular-to-plane (CPP) electrical circuit configurations. The available exclusive rapid device assembly tools - New-design Assistant and Shield Assistant - rounds out the unrivaled capabilities of this application.

Gain even more value and flexibility by using Spin-valve Bench with these free and powerful productivity tools: Cellider, MagJob and Mag-O-Mat.

Click the video below for a video tutorial of Spin-valve Bench.
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Spin-valve Bench Tutorial (for Version 4.0), Part 1
Quick tour -- Introduction to Spin-valve Bench and it's user interface.

Featured Design Examples:

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