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Ultra Recording Simulator

The Ultra Recording Simulator (URS) is a Microsoft Windows (XP™, Vista™, Windows 7™ and Windows 8™) micromagnetic software. It is positioned for advanced research and  development work on newly-emerging nano-scale recording technologies, including state-of-the-art Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) perpendicular and longitudinal systems. It provides you with an accurate, easy-to-use, high-productivity modeling environment for the design and analysis of advanced, next-generation systems. URS offers a library of popular pre-defined design schemas to base your computations on. The components of these schemas (writer, reader, thermal source or media) can be individually tailored to your own taste.

Gain even more value and flexibility by using the Ultra Recording Simulator with these free and powerful productivity tools: Cellider, MagJob and Mag-O-Mat.

Click the video below for a video tutorial of Spin-valve Bench.
Click this link,  Ultra-Recording Simulator Video Tutorials, to view all video tutorials.

Ultra-Recording Simulator Tutorial (for Version 1.0), Part 1
Quick Overview of User Interface -- Introduction to Ultra-Recording Simulator and it's user interface.

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